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About Us

Owing to the visionary guidance of our well-qualified Proprietor, Mr. Amol Chandrasen Gadge who has done B.COM. and ADCHNC, we, Matrix Infotech, have attained immense success in the industry. We were incorporated in the year 2006 in Nagpur, Maharashtra (India).

Establishment and Overview :
Matrix Infotech was registered on the 01/07/2006. Matrix Infotech is an IT business specializing in solutions, the supply and support of computer equipment, software. cabling and other IT related functions. These functions and solutions are designed specifically to help clients with the management and maintenance of their IT related functions and equipment. Matrix Infotech assist clients with the implementation and planning of new projects and help to design the best solutions for the clients needs.

One of the main factors contributing to the loss of money is the lack of proper planning. This as an integral part of any business and the management of equipment can be very expensive if not done properly. Our main function is to ensure the best solution to help clients manage and maintain their TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). This means, "What the equipment costs, from date of purchase, till the day it is written of". Some companies believe in buying goods at the lowest possible price, but tent to ignore or forget the hidden cost that is still to come.

Our History :
For the past 9 years Matrix Infotech has build up an extensive network of suppliers and business partners. These partners like Intel, Microsoft, Acer, Dell, Lenovo, Quick Heal, Canon, HP and many more, assist Matrix Infotech with support on their products. Matrix Infotech must undergo extensive training at each of these partners every year.

These training sessions are compulsory for all business partners to maintain their partnership with these vendors and distributors. Training sessions like these also allow Matrix Infotech to be informed and trained on the latest technology available and new developments to come.

Our Vision :
To be known as a leader in the supply and support of IT equipment, the selling of solutions and the development of further businesses for our client. Matrix Infotech is truly your complete IT solutions provider .

Our Mission :
To provide end-to-end solutions at the most cost effective way available in the industry today. To help define client business processes and prioritize IT related infrastructure within business divisions .

Our Values :
We believe in Integrity, Honesty, Quality and Commitment to our clients. After all, the biggest asset of any business lies in their clients and people. We also believe that any successful transaction consist of a view crucial elements. "Service, Quality of Products and Price".

Business Process :
Matrix Infotech as spent a lot of time in developing its business process to allow for the proper management, control and support of its infrastructure. These functions consist of three parts :
  • Solution Elements
  • Call and Support Centre
  • Support Model

Team Support
We are backed by a team of 14 expert engineers and 2 office staff members. Together, they work in the best possible manner and make sure that the clients receive the best services and Electronic Products. Our procuring agents remain extremely vigilant and source only performance-oriented products from vendors.

Strong & Vast Distribution Network
The distribution network of our company is strong and vast. Hence, it facilitates delivery of urgent and bulk orders across different parts of the country. It never causes any delay even if the orders are to be delivered in a short period of notice.

Why Us?
We promise the following to our clients :
  • High-grade products
  • Reliable services
  • Reasonable prices and nominal rates
  • Easy payment modes
  • Timely deliveries and execution
  • Ethical business norms & standards
  • Transparent and fair dealings


Name of Proprietor Mr. Amol Chandrasen Gadge
Year of Establishment 2006
Nature of Business Supplier
Number of Employees 16
Annual Turnover Rs. 54,00,000.00